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  • How to prepare your startup pitch in 5 days

    Pitching your startup product or service is no easy task. One day you may explain your idea to a friend at a coffee shop, and feel like you’ve hit every unique selling point and articulated it in the best way possible.

  • How Technology Can Help You Up Your Mental Hygiene

    When it comes to declining mental health, many may point the finger at technology, as new media urges us to stay constantly updated and on-the-go – through ringing emails, messages and social media notifications.

  • How Social Media is Changing the Traditional Business Model

    In 2015, Emilie Wapnick conducted a TED Talk on a rather radical idea and labeled herself a “multipotentialite”. She defines this term as “someone with many interests and creative pursuits,”

  • How AI is Transforming Everyone’s Life, Including Yours

    There is an upcoming revolution led by artificial intelligence that is already transforming the way we live and make decisions. Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer considered a luxury. Rather, countries that are leading the AI revolution

  • The Global Race for Fresh Ideas: Now and Then

    For thousands of years, universities, companies, and nations have been trying to attract the best talents to fuel innovation by providing amenities, financing, and mentorship.



Arabian Business: Five Minutes With Dr. Saleh Al Hashemi CEO of Algorythma

I like to create. If I believe I can build something, I do it. And working with like-minded enthusiastic people keeps me going. So instead of remaining idle, Algorythma attempts to push through negative assumptions and obstacles It’s a factory for products and ideas…

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EdaraLab Digital Conference Brings Business Leaders Together in Abu Dhabi

The EdaraLab Digital Conference was held at Abu Dhabi Global Markets on Wednesday morning, and brought together regional leaders in business and digital sectors to discuss how increasing digital transformations were impacting on and affecting traditional industries...

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Why Abu Dhabi is the World’s Next Tech Landmark: Meet the Man Who is Leading the Charge

Dr Saleh Al Hashemi, the CEO of Algorythma, a firm that develops technology products, and managing director of Krypto Labs, the co-working space and business incubator that funds early start-ups. The competitions have attracted bright minds from around the globe...

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MoU between DED and Algorythma Aimed at Promoting Cooperation and Implementing Projects

The Department of Economic Development — Abu Dhabi and Algorythma, the UAE-based end-to-end technology service company, on Tuesday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the aim of promoting joint cooperation between the two parties...

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ADSSSA and Algorythma Signed MoU to Open Abu Dhabi AI Centre of Excellence

Abu Dhabi's Smart Solutions & Services Authority (ADSSSA) has signed an MoU with technology services company Algorythma, for co-operation on digital and technology transformation initiatives. The partnership will include establishing an AI centre of excellence...

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Algorythma Showcased its Tech Platforms in Prestigious MIT SciTech Conference in Boston

Algorythma, the UAE based top-notch end-to-end innovation service company, showed its technology platforms at the Yearly MIT SciTech 2018 Meeting, among the world's largest gathering of leading scientists, designers, and entrepreneurs, kept in Boston...

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